Saturday, 21 April 2007

Die another day

Ok, once again the Almighty Lord Boredom tries to suck the living daylight out me today and toss me into the black hole where I will be doomed to live in oblivion, damned in a formidable place of no return and locked in an area as vast as the universe. A place where it is extremely impossible to find my way back home. Not even Lord Voldermatt (I think that's how the bugger's name is spelled) can save me. I will be left to search for an exit door that ceased to exit. Any effort applied on my part would be deemed futile. The more I struggle, the deeper I sink.

However, I managed to salvage myself. I didn't give in without a fierce fight. I took out my light saber (that served not only as my weapon but source of light) and fenced with Lord Boredom. I fought hard. I was wounded but I didn't concede. I was thinking of my beloved family, my loving friends and my Spiderman action figure. I retorted. I fought hard for my dear life. For my freedom. For my life.

Yes, this time it was closer. It got braver. It went for my inner mind this time (if there's such this as an inner mind but I feel that's where "it" went). It came on, creeping slowly. Grabbing my feet, holding them down so that I cannot move. Next it went for my shin then my thighs followed by my ahem ahem. I felt them getting squeezed real hard, as if they were being clamped. I wanted to let out an agonising shrill but my voice was swallowed.

I tried to move it away with my hands but the horny bugger has already grabbed hold of it. It wanted my balls all for itself. It knows that is my weakness. You conquer the ball, you conquer the man I heard It saying to itself. My balls have fallen prey to the enemy. I cannot do anything except to watch it suck them dry, helplessly. I was reaching my climax. It has ground bigger and harder, and sadly helpless. It pushes hard and strong. I went "ah, ah, ah" inside. I heard it went,"Yes! Come on. Die. Weaken." It was only then I realise that it wanted to wear me out by letting me self-destruct. I didn't want It to win but I was too late. I had reached my orgasm. Pictures went through my mind slide like a slideshow. I felt guilty. Now I am vulnerable. It can make its move.

It went straight for my mind, into the inner mind. All of my defence have faltered which makes it easier for It to take control. I could feel It winning. However just went It thought that It was winning, I took out my light saber and thus began a battle of epic proportions. What it doesn't seem to realise is that it too has weakened after being showered by the white juices that was released during my self-destruction.

(I shall spare you the details because it contain fluids that are more than blood. So not cool for kids and girls.)

And so I won in the end. Victory was mine!
Hip hip, hurray!
Hip hip, hurray!
Hip hip, hurray!

It was then it came to me the need for self defence. I cannot let Boredom overwhelmed me. Though it has lost this time round (again), it will come back for sure. This time I have Iris Murdoch' The Time of the Angels to be my shield. Each time I sensed It coming, I will take out Murdoch's book. Murdoch though you may be suffering from Alzheimer's now, you are my hero(ine) and Atwood too. I'll find The Lady Oracle and Cat's Eye soon. Once I get my hands on them, watch out Boredom. You will be dead! Muhahahahahah.

I would like to dedicate this award of victory to my friends who has managed to save my life. It was because of you guys I am able to live and tell the tale of my erotic, I mean, epic experience. Thank you guys!

Yeah right!
It's because of all you bastards and sibai I was attacked by Lord in the first place, you know? Huh. Abandon me all alone in this room with my comp and my books to keep me company. Huh. Go out with your other friends and leave me to rot at home. Huh. I have done so much for you people and this is how I get repaid? Petui! Such friends. I was there when you needed me. I was there when you guys wanted company, when all of your other "friends" abandoned you. Who stood by your side, huh? Who was there when things go wrong, huh? Me, of course! (the extravagant and great mua). Hrmmph. That's it I am leaving this world. No one cared for me anymore. All of you run away. Go stray when Tekong Resort is calling me. Nevermind. I don't care. Nevermind. Be that way! I am content being alone. Hrmmph.

Love y'all. (the "Love y'all" is not meant for certain persons I have referred above).

Quietly sobbing to myself.

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