Saturday, 14 April 2007

JD Modelling Agency vs MSU

1. The Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency

I would say that it is the agency to be in. Your boss is this bithcy, wacky, daring and controversial androgynous woman whom the industry knows very well. She has the experience and skill to groom you into a top model, both man and woman. And you can bet that she knows how to pull the strings and get you good offers.

JD Modelling Agency premiered in Singapore today and I manged to catch it. And from the looks of it, Janice knows her stuff very well. Despite her frustrating idiosyncrasies, Janice is a tough mama who has gone through a lot to raise her kids- both biological and "adopted" (those in her agency). Evidence: The 5 models that she chose out of the 500, in the show, are definitely model material. And she isn't reluctant to bring out the best in them. And she takes a heavy responsibility of their welfare. No doubt about it.

And I realise that supermodels are people who knows how to hide their "defects" and accentuate their assets in their photograph. Of course there's make-up and lighting to assist. However, even in their bare state they know how to tweak themselves to look good. A slight shift in the position of your head can make a difference between a disastrous photograph and a multi-million dollar one. Learnt that from Tyra, and Janice.

2. Miss Singapore Universe

I seriously don't know the real reason why we even have this. The ladies pick look normal, not edgy or beautiful. In this case I am going with the common and usual perception of beautiful. Think Zhang Ziyi, Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks and all the Miss Puerto Rico. Wouldn't you agree? There are one or two who fit this profile such as Joanne Peh and Jamie Teo. Sadly, the past few winners of this pageant ('cause it seems more like it) lack "that look." And it is disappointing, not to mention embarrassing.

And they have to drop those corny speeches. Please! Why can't they be more realistic and truthful? And I think the level of their intellect is based on the way they speak. They need to learn to enunciate and articulate the words they are saying, without sounding ridiculous. I think Yap can do, can you? Jia you!

So what happens after the pagent? They become medicorp artiste. It seems to be a common pattern.

Love y'all.

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