Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Like a virgin/touched for the very first time...(hrmmph)...

hrmmph...yay? haha. i guess every virgin will definitely lose it one day, especially when the pressure is proliferating. not to mention in your face kind. i mean now all of us wannabe part of some community right?

who wants to be left alone...even when you die you have the earthworms, ants, slugs, snails, crikets, all sorts of worm to keep you company. when you bathe some mysterious figure will always be looking (so what muslims believe).

so in this time and age, we have transcended from the realm of living people to a world where anything can and will happen. a world that is free from any form of formal government. now that is true freedom! maybe that why many of us prefer to escape to this virtual world. no laws to curb what we want to do. no one to stop us from saying abt that bitch sitting at the front of the cafeteria. not even lee kuan yew! (shall we clebrate?) human beings, we have brains right (despite only using 10% of it still the point is...)? we have feelings right? we share similar emotions right? we know what is right and wrong right? we can differentiate can we not? we know what will anger, annoyed, ticked us right? then why do we still look for trouble? we know that we have been webbed! caught and unable to free ourselves. but then again...why free ourselves? everything we need in here. everything has been webbed. this is the new life. going back to living in a village as we progress and expand more into the future. it's paradoxical. but what to do? humans are afterall very complex and hard to understand. even freud and jung and their disciples cant comprehend and simplify everything. it will forever be carve in stone as one of the greatest mysteries in the universe. muahahahahahahah.

ok that's it for my first entry i think. i am no longer a virgin. i have been touched and blogged.

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Sarah said...

I'm an inspiration? Whooaaaa. Heh. I'm flattered. (: But I think your blog add is more a response to Gayle's i-speak! ;)