Wednesday, 7 March 2007

things to ponder...

1) One day I went to school to collect my 'A' Level results. The first ride cost $0.87. The return ride cost me $0.65. I take it from the same stop. Pass by the same number of stops. Anyone care to explain?

2) I was watching FRIENDS the other time. I love the show, absolutely. And I miss it dearly. I wasn't a fan till the entire season was over. Anyway in this particular episode Channelor said something witty and hilarious.

Channelor (to Phoboe randomly): Hey, Donald Duck doesn't wear pants right? But when he comes out of the toilet, he has a towel around his waist. I mean, what's the deal with that?

I think it's something along this line...

3) Why do we laugh at the videos feature in American Funniest Videos? Most of them are anything but funny? Is that why we find unnecessary people in Iraq who claim to maintain peace while they massacre the "terorists" (civilians)?

4) We want our teens and children to excel in their academia. But why do we have campus superstar and the minimum age limit to contest such as The Dance Floor, Anugerah and Singapore Idol at 16? Isn't it like hanging a piece raw meat over a lions's den or placing ice on the table in a room of ex-abusers? The only difference is that the latter scenario is more dangerous don't you think...? Now, do we want Singaporean Lindsay Lohan, Macaulay Culkin and some others I cant remeber? I think we do not want to go to that extent but we don't mind stretching the limit and see how it happens. A risk this "liberal" country is willing to take. Heh.

5) Are those people who like to bitch trully bitches, like seriously? Or they just insecure people? I am not referring to those peers of ours who bitch for fun or those smart people who can quickly silence us with their witty one-line remark that make us go "ouch"! I am talking about those strangers we meet everyday that exude that negative aura and irritable vibe when we stand beside them. Isn't that disgusting...who is the one with issues?

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