Friday, 9 March 2007

Post-mortem report on A level results cum 1st week aniversary

it's ova!

Phew...finally the anxiety is ova. The long agonising wait has ended. Reality sank in. No more living in denial. If you excel then good. If not, well I dont know. I am not good with words. Drama sparked everywhere. From those who cry because they did extremely well to those in hysteria, moaning ova their failure. Never have i witnessed an array of emotions. A spectrum of behaviour in one place. A myriad of expressions.

I must admit that I was devatated with my results. I didnt quite do as well as I had expected still the grades that I got reflects me. My bad for losing momentum at the 11th hour. My fault for putting Desperate Housewife and Grey's Anatomy before my exams. But I cant help it. I said," life goes on. These shows have no repaet telecast." Boy was I naive and so wrong. Now I am a desperate bitch who needs to get a consultation form many doctors...haha. kidding.

Pelez. I think getting As is not such a big deal if you really think about it. I mean the one on your left gets an, or maybe more than one, A. so is the one on your right, front,centre, two, three, four, tens of people within your radius. and you...with an A, a B and a D (which if you scramble he letters you will get bad) seems to be the odd one out. But upon close examination, you are the "outstanding" one! isn't that good? I mean...seriously.

And, for the record I dont think my grades are bad. It just spells bad. I kinda like it. No love it. it.

Ok now off to NS in april, then NUS. Later...hrmmph. Haiya that's later story. Later can tell and blog (or bitch). Meanwhile...I need to get a job. Anyone want me to blow something? haha. get it?? I'm so kinky. If this carries on, it means I got no life. Save the massive liquid explosion for something more worth it, right?



Hrmmph...I don't know what I can do now. It's just too bad that I took the wrong combi and a mojor exam to realise how foolish I am. I mean lit? Like hello!

Quote from Fiona (05S401- shw did extremely well btw):
"You know what, it's not like you did badly. Often, the examination are not good gauges because it's a one-time affair. A lot is dependent on chance and not actual ability. I believe you are really capable so don't be too discouraged man!" (She's so sweet. And do you realise the way she phrased her words, no wonder she got a 1 la.)

Quote from Dr S (love her so much):
"You know the thing about self discovery is finding your strenghts and weaknesses. We all have them. The thing we love may not be the thing we are good at (gosh now I'm contemplating if I am really good at acting or am I just deluding myself :/) but that won't stop us from loving it and enjoying it (she is referring to my keen interest in lit). But maximse your strength by pursuing what you are best at."

"I suggest you do something math related." (a reply to another of my message: "What do you suggest I do then?")

So I asked around and it seems that econs (the subject that I could not make sense of once) is my perfect major (wonder what grade I would have gotten if I had taken econs and GP too cause apparently the line that separate these two subjects are rather blurred). Yup...hopefully I wont change my mind in 2 years time. And i think i wanna do a minor in European studies since I wanna learn german. heh.)

That's it for now. Da!

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